Tinted Mirror, Copyright © 2010 Daniel Rybakken
Tinted Mirror
(prototype 2010)

The idea with Tinted Mirror is to continue one of my previous concepts; to make an object that actually consists of several individual objects (as with the Colour-lamp). 
    With the Tinted Mirror the coloured glass and the mirror is completely separate objects; one being hung from the wall, the other from the ceiling, but are linked together by having the same size and shape, and being positioned in the same height as each other.
    The two flat surfaces creates one 3-dimensional object, reaching from the wall out into the room. The casted shadow rendered on the wall change during the duration of the day, depending on the ambient light.

The mirror and glass are 500 * 370 *
6 mm with a variable total depth.


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(Press images by Daniel Rybakken)

Tinted Mirror, Copyright © 2010 Daniel Rybakken
(Under:) Images from London Design Week 2010.