Daylight Entrance, Stockholm, Copyright © 2010 Daniel Rybakken
Daylight Entrance, Stockholm
(commision 2008-2010)

My intention with this project was to take elements of my work and theories concerning daylight and incorporate them directly into architecture.
    The installation is located in the entrance of an office building in central Stockholm (Vasagatan 7). As both the entrance and staircase have no natural light, it was important for me to replicate the positive sensation of sunlight. The technical principles behind the project are based on my previous lamp, Surface Daylight. 
    Walls are covered with a solid surface material; CNC-milling hollows areas before backlighting by LED. 
The installation consists of over 6000 LEDs and continues across 3 stories. 

Daylight Entrance, Stockholm is commissioned by Vasakronan AB.


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(Press images by Kalle Sanner and Daniel Rybakken)
(under:) Images from the process.
Daylight Entrance, Stockholm, Copyright © 2010 Daniel Rybakken