Daylight Comes Sideways*, Copyright © 2007 Daniel Rybakken
(under:) Images from an exhibition at 'DogA' in Oslo

daylight comes sideways*, copyright © 2008 daniel rybakken

Daylight Comes Sideways*
(prototype 2007)

The aim of Daylight Comes Sideways was to create a feeling of expanded perceived-space through the illusion of natural daylight. The idea is to simulate daylight through a blurred, semi-transparent 'window' and indicate outdoor objects using dynamic artificial shadows. 
    The effect is created by individually dimming the intensity of 1’100 LEDs, arranged behind a semi-transparent surface. By adding motion, the subconscious illusion of daylight is enhanced.

Daylight Comes Sideways* received a 'Best of the Best' of the RedDot Award: Design Concept, for best illumination concept. It has been featured in Abitare Magazine.


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(under:) When you have daylight in a room you get information of something outside. 
This creates a feeling of an expanded perceived space. A sensation of freedom.
(under:) ...When daylight is removed, you now longer get this positive sensation. The room feels smaller, you feel enclosed and alone.
Daylight Comes Sideways*, Copyright © 2007 Daniel Rybakken