Colour, Copyright © 2010 Daniel Rybakken
Made in collaboration with Andreas Engesvik 2010. By Ligne Roset in 2011, relaunched by e15 in 2014.

Colour is about the mixing of colour and composition in shape. 
    Though I work often with aspects of daylight, this collarorative project allowed me  to investigate quite different effects and sensations of light. With a largely monochromatic pallette to-date, I also welcomed the opportunity to explore colour. 
    Using sheets of coloured glass placed freely in front of a light source, Colour invites the user to mix various hues. I was also intrigued here by the exploded concept of a lamp, formed not only of multiple components, but by multiple objects too.

Colour was first presented as a prototype in Milan 2010.


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(Press images by Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken)