Aluminium Mirror
(prototype 2009)

With Aluminium Mirror, multiple angles of reflection/composition are created through four wall-mounting options and numerous freestanding positions. 
    The polished mirror is first CNC-milled from a single piece of aluminium. For me, a central aspect of the piece is its unchanged status as a raw industrial material. 
Ready to be made into something different, the mirror’s position in the chain of production is already ambiguous. 

The Aluminium Mirror measures 220x320x55mm and weigh 5'000 grams.


Hi-resolution images: Click on 
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(Press images by Kalle Sanner)

Aluminium Mirror, Copyright © 2009 Daniel Rybakken

subconscious effect of daylight, copyright © 2008 daniel rybakken

Aluminium Mirror, Copyright © 2009 Daniel Rybakken
(under:) Images from the prototype production.
(under:) Images from SaloneSatellite, Milan 2009.