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Stochastic (Luceplan 2015)

Chandelier designed for Luceplan Spa by Daniel Rybakken, presented at Euroluce in Milan 2015.



(photography by Alessandro Ruffini & Daniel Rybakken)

“Classic chandeliers are often constructed with a strict symmetrical

repetition of a detailed object, like a cut crystal prism. With the

Stochastic project the object that is repeated is simplified, but by

hanging in a seemingly random orientation in space, a new complexity

is created.

    The technical LED light engine placed in the centre of the cluster

becomes a contrast to the visually delicate borosilicate glass

spheres. By hiding the light source from everyday view, the light it

emits becomes the essential part of the composition. The light is

bounced and reflected inside the fixture. As with Layers Installation

in Paris (2012), the individual objects are bound together by the 

subtle but at the same time complex interplay of light, originating

from the centre of the installation.” Daniel Rybakken

Stochastic comes with either metalized or opal borosilicate glass

spheres (image 7). Light engine in polished aluminium (image 8).

LED 2’400 lumen light source. 



6. Initial prototype at Luceplan HQ:



Stochastic © 2015 Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan Spa.

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Images 1,2,3 by Alessandro Ruffini & Daniel Rybakken. Images 4,6,7,8 by Studio Daniel Rybakken.

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4. Early sketch:

8. Illustration of the LED light engine:

7. Illustration of the opal and the metalized glass sphere:

5. 1:7,5 scale model at the studio: