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Compendium (2014)

Lamp family designed for Luceplan Spa by Daniel Rybakken, presented at Light & Building in Frankfurt and Salone del Mobile in Milan 2014.



Compendium, Daniel Rybakken 2014 (photography by Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken)   

How would you best illuminate a room with only one light source?

To begin with, you would need a very strong light source, and

secondly you would like to have it to come from the side, in

the same manner as a window with natural light coming into

the space. Thirdly, since you have this strong light source, you

need to avoid glare, so you should try to diffuse and soften

the light.

    These were the three most important aspects of the

Compendium project. It has a very strong LED light source directed

towards the wall; by doing this, you get a diffused and soft light

reflected into the space.

The compendium family consist of a floor version with a freely

rotatable stem and a suspended version mountable either as

an up or down light (image 5,6).

Stem in extruded anodized aluminium (silver, brass or black finish).

Base in die-cast aluminium. Dimmer on power cord.

34W LED - 2’700 Kelvin, 3’200 Lumen.







Compendium © 2014 Daniel Rybakken for Luceplan Spa.

Click on the images for full resolution. Images 1,2,3

by Kalle Sanner & Daniel Rybakken. Images 4,5,6 by

Studio Daniel Rybakken.

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